Doug Sprock Photography
This Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico gallery includes Zion, Capitol Reef, Escalante, Arches National Park, Canyonlands, and many more-obscure (and magnificient) places.
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4x5 Large Format

moqui marble rock detail
Leaping Moqui Marbles
lone cottonwood in pothole under stormy skies
Approaching Storm
cottonwood leaf floating on natural oil seep
Floating Leaf
cottonwood and maples in front of sandstone wall
Garden Wall
meandering water reflection and sandstone buttes
Meandering Reflection
cottonwood tree canyon wall
Autumn's End
quartz veins in sandstone
In Vein
cottonwood canyon sunrise
Cottonwood Canyon
pink sandstone wall, capitol reef
Pink Wall
A lone cottonwood in a sandstone cathedral
Cottonwood Cathedral
purple & red sandstone detail
Sandstone Detail
great white throne zion
Great White Throne
colorful maple tree leaf mosaic
Maple Mosaic
red maple and sandstone wall
Red Maple Alcove
stormy cottonwoods
Stormy Cottonwoods
Southwest Slot Canyon Arch
Slot Canyon Arch
Southwest Sea of Sediment
Sea Of Sediment
Slot Canyon Tumbleweed
Slot Canyon Tumbleweed
Great Gallery Pictographs
The Great Gallery
Southwest Slot Canyon Alcove
Slot Canyon Alcove
Pictograph of Hunter
The Hunter
Southwest Slot Canyon Arch
Acquiescence #2
Southwest Sea of Sediment
Southwest Slot Canyon Alcove
Acquiescence #3
Zion Great White Throne Maples
Great White Throne & Maples
Entwined Yellow Cottonwoods
Orange Maple Trees & Sandstone Butress Cliff
Maples, Buttress
Fallen Red Maple Leaf Detail
Fallen Maple Leaves
Zion Canyon Autumn Colors
Zion Canyon Autumn
Red Maples & Leaf Covered Mossy Rock
Red Maples
The Castle at Capitol Reef
The Castle
Three Maples
Three Maples
Virgin Towers Sunrise
Virgin Towers Sunrise
Gamble Oak & Yellow Red Maples
Oak & Maples
Kolob Double Arch Autumn
Double Arch
Yellow Box Elder Red Sandstone Canyon
Yellow Box Elder
Coyote Gulch Cottonwood
Cottonwood Stream
Viney Yellow & Orange Maple
Orange Maple
Zion Cottonwood Stream
Zion Cottonwood Stream
Yellow Red Maple Tangle
Maple Tangle
Clearing Kolob Storm
Clearing Kolob Storm
Fallen Tree Among Maples
Orange & Red Wave-Shaped Tsunami Rock Detail
Eroded Siltstone Formation
Red & Yellow Sandstone Alcove With Grassy Sand Dune
Horseshoe Bend With Storm Clouds
Horseshoe Bend
Red Stones Suspended On Eroded Grey Siltstone
Silt Stones
Red-White Striped Boulders & Canyon Wall
Striped Boulders
Orange-Yellow Sandstone Rock Detail
Rockwork Orange
Sweet Sand Verbena & Red-White Striped Hoodoos
Sweet Sand Verbena (Snowball)
Bisti Hoodoos At Twilight
Bisti Hoodoo Twilight
Volcanic Boulders, Bentonite Clay Hills, Ancient Reefs, Henry Mountains
Ancient Seabeds
Delicate Arch & La Sal Mountains
Delicate Arch
Pebbles (Gastroliths?) on Bentonite Clay Hills
Bentonite Hills
Large Golden Navajo Sandstone Formations & Cloud
Golden Throne
Red Sandstone Sheeps Head With Flowers & Sage
Sheep's Head
Colorful Clay & Peach-Colored Sandstone Cliffs
Colored Cliffs
Balanced Rock, Arches, Utah
Balanced Rock
Red Striped Sandstone Pinnacles & Hoodoos
Canyonlands Needles

35mm & Digital

sandstone canyon cottonwood
Angel Arch
sinuous bentonite clay gullies
Sinuous Clay
sinuous bentonite clay gullies
Navajo Sandstone Domes
Mesa, Henry Mountains, & Storm Clouds
Henry Mountains
sandstone wall tapestry
Sandstone Tapestry
Havasu Canyon Waterfall
Havasu Canyon Waterfall