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The Canyon Gallery is a beautiful art venue located in Montrose, CO.  They are representing my work and offer printing services.


Luminous Landscape  Good articles and forums.
Nature Photographers Network  Image critiques and forums.
Large Format Photography Forum  Interesting forums.
Brian Taylor Photography  A master artist, photographer, educator, and an alternative processes guru.


California Data Exchange Center  Useful California weather data station info for scoping winter skiing, spring backpacking, wildflower trips, etc.
Western US Jetstream Map  A good graphic for the Jetstream visualization.
National Weather Service: Western Region  Forecasts and satellite imagery, nice stuff!

Web Design

Lonzo Designs  Joan at Lonzo Designs is an expert in web design and marketing. Checkout her site and, if you want an attractive site and strong web presence, employ her vast skill set and experience.

General Outdoor

Half Dome Cam  This site's Half Dome camera in Yosemite is updated every 15 minutes. Warning: if you're at work, this link could cause your mind to wander!
Astronomic Data  If you're seeking info on sun or moon positions for a given day, or sunrise and sunset times for a specific location, this is your link. You can enter your location by longitude/latitude coordinates or nearest town.
Acme Mapper  Having topographic maps on the web is real handy. This site also has search tools to quickly find the names of peaks, rivers, etc.--anything that's labeled on a topo map (very cool!).


Supertopo  The folks at Supertopo have created detailed topo maps of some of the classic Sierra climbs, including Yosemite.
American Safe Climbing Association (ASCA)  If you've ever clipped into a rusty hanger and cried for your mommy as you run it out to the next manky bolt, you might consider donating to this worthwhile nonprofit effort.  Thank god, whomever your god may be, for folks like the ones at ASCS.
Bay Area Climbing This very fun site is chock-full of San Francisco Bay area climbing information.  Thanks Joan and Matt.