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Welcome to Doug Sprock Photography, 4x5 large-format landscape imagery of California, Utah, Colorado, and other places in the American West.  Enjoy...
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New Images

Ancient Cottonwoods
Winter Aspen Twilight
Tsunami Sunset
Swept Sandstone
Veiled Sneffels Range
Last Stand
Lone Aspens, Telluride
Cimarron Sunset


On-going:  Grand Valley Books carries Doug's matted prints. Come enjoy the work of various artists, the warm ambiance, and the vast selection of books.
On-going:  Bookcliff Vision Center, at 326 Main St in Grand Junction, CO, is hosting several of Doug's framed, big, sharp, large-format, landscape photos! Feel free to stop-by and view them (and if the photos appear blurry you can have an eyesight exam there!).

large-format print exhibit