Doug Sprock Photography
This California gallery includes the western Sierra foothills to the east, the coastal ranges to the west, the Tehachapi range to the south, and everything in between.
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sequoias & flowering dogwoods
Sequoias & Flowering Dogwoods
pacheco pass flower hills
Pacheco Flower Hills
Lower Merced Canyon Poppies
Merced Canyon Poppies
Twisted Valley Oak Black & White
Twisted Valley Oak B&W
Abstract Of Orange Poppies & Birds Eye Gilia (Gilia Tricolor)
Poppies & Bird's Eyes
Triptych of Clearing Fog In Sequoia Forest With Flowering Dogwood
Ravine With Lone Giant Sequoia & Colorful Autumn Dogwood
Sequoia Dogwood Ravine
Flower Hills & Cloud
Flower Hills
Foggy Sequoia Forest & Flowering Dogwood
Foggy Sequoia Forest
Consumnes River Oaks & Lichen-Covered Mossy Rocks
Consumnes River Oaks
Colorful Autumn Dogwoods In Sequoia Grove
Sequoias & Dogwoods
Yellow Johnny Jump Up Flowers & Valley Oaks
Johnny Jump Ups & Valley Oaks
Twisted Valley Oak
Twisted Valley Oak
Goldfields, Poppies, & Sage
Goldfields & Sage
Sierra Foothill Oaks
Sierra Foothill Oaks


Red Volcanic Pinnacles under Arching Oak Trees
Oaks & Pinnacles
Close-up of Purple Nightshade Flowers & Silvery Birch Tree
Nightshade & Birch
Tehachapi Flower Gully
Tehachapi Gully
Spyder On Dew-Covered Web
Multicolored Flower Field Below Fairmont Buttes
Fairmont Buttes
Flowers & Oak Trees
Shell Creek
Tehachapi Flower Hillside
Tehachapi Hillside
Close-up Red-Magenta Owls Clover Flower
Owls Clover
Purple Lupines Against Red Embankment
Red Embankment & Lupine