Doug Sprock Photography
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Lenticular Clouds Moonrise Black White
Lenticular Moonrise B&W
Yellow Aspen, Red Dogwood, Stream
Aspen, Dogwood, Stream
Multicolor Aspen Grove Reflection With Mountainous Backdrop
Aspen Reflection
Bristlecone Trees Along Dolomite Ridge
Bristlecone Dolomite Ridge
Frosty Golden Grass Abstract
Frosty Golden Grass
Aspen, Dogwood, & Granite
Aspens & Dogwoods
Cottonwood Trees & Winding Creek
Cottonwoods & Creek
Backlit Red Indian Paintbrush Flowers, Mountains, & Storm Clouds
Backlit Paintbrush
Bristlecone Pine At Dusk
Bristlecone Dusk
Five Backlit Snowy Aspen Trunks
Five Aspens
Lenticular Clouds Moonrise
Lenticular Moonrise
Bishop Creek Aspen & Dogwood
Bishop Creek Aspen & Dogwood
Mono Lake Tufa Reflection With Pink Twilight Sky
Mono Lake Dusk
Yellow Water Birch & Red Aspens
Water Birch & Aspen
Reflected Clouds In Grass Pond
Reflected Clouds
Colorful Aspen Grove Labyrinth
Aspen Labyrinth
Bristlecone Dancer Doing a Split-Leap (Grand Jete)
Bristlecone Grand Jete
Aspen Trunk Silhouettes With Backlit Red & Yellow Leaves
Aspen Silhouettes


Bristlecone Pine Trees
Flying Geese Over Pond
Lone Pine Peak Behind Clearing Winter Fog
Lone Pine Peak
Bristlecone Tree Silhouettes & Orange Cloud
Bristlecone Fire
Mono Lake Tufa With Frost & Clearing Fog
Tufa & Frost
Hope Valley Backlit Aspens
Hope Valley Aspens
Mono Lake Tufa & Pink Clouds
Mono Pink Clouds
Bristlecone Tree Snag
Bristlecone Snag
Red Clouds Reflected In Grassy Pond
Red Clouds
Tufa Silhouettes At Twilight
Tufa Silhouettes